We have created a list of frequently asked questions which may be useful to you.
There is also more information on the NHS website.

What vaccine for COVID-19 is currently available?
Both the Pfizer/BioNTech and Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccines are now
available. Both vaccines have been shown to be safe and offer high levels of
protection, and have been given regulatory approval by the MHRA.

Is the NHS confident the vaccines are safe? 
Yes. The NHS will not offer any Covid-19 vaccinations to the public until independent
experts have signed off that it is safe to do so.  

Will vaccines still be provided/can I still attend my appointment during the national lockdown?
Yes. Getting the COVID-19 vaccine, or any other vaccine, is an important medical
appointment and so is within the rules wherever you live. Vaccinations will continue
as normal in all areas through the national lockdown and beyond. If you have booked
or are offered an appointment, please attend it.

Why are you postponing second doses?
The UK Chief Medical Officers have agreed a longer timeframe between first and
second doses so that more people can get their first dose quickly, and because the
evidence shows that one dose still offers a high level of protection after two weeks.
This decision will allow us to get the maximum benefit for the most people in the
shortest possible time and will help save lives.
Getting both doses remains important so we would urge people to return for it at the
right time.

When will I get my vaccine?
As per government guidelines the vaccine is being distributed according to a priority list.
You can click here to see which group you will be in.